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We offer large format printing, with 3 top of the line printers on site. This allows us to print on a wide variety of materials including, Canvas, Paper, Acrylic Vinyl, and Digital Wall Coverings.

Canvas: matte to metallic finish

Paper: any/all paper weight and finish

Acrylic: 1/4" plexi; gives a modern and sleek look

Vinyl: fade and weather resistant, easy to keep clean

Digital Wall Coverings: floor to ceiling, window films, and niche wall coverings

We also offer Original Artwork, Limited Editions, Posters, Mobiles, and Site Specific Artwork.

Originals: Any artwork considered to be an authentic example for the works of an artist rather than a reproduction or Imitation.


Limited Editions: A set of prints of a known quantity (usually less than 200) numbered and signed by the artist. For example - serigraphs, lithographs and etchings.

Posters and Reproductions:  artwork is scanned in, touched up, manipulated and then reprinted.

We operate a full service frame shop with all work completed on site. Your items are never shipped out to another party for framing.  Every order is custom built in shop and finished with the same meticulous precision.

The framing process begins with choosing matting that enhances the artwork.  With endless frame samples to chose from, one can be picked that compliments the artwork the best.

Need design  advice? Or can't decide where to place all your beautiful artwork?​

We provide scheduled home appointments to help you find the perfect placement for your new artwork!

Linden has over 30 years experience as art consultants and full-service framers ranging from framing projects with one piece of art to multi-floor facilities.


Art selection can be developed from a theme, color or personal interest. All pieces form a cohesive and logical progression to your project, blending flawlessly into the space and enhancing the design elements.

Once the project is finished, we Deliver & Install within your schedule. We offer a variety of installation devices from a single nail for certificates, to security hangers for public spaces.

Delivery is fast, guaranteed, and clean-up included.

We also offer pick-up and delivery service for Repairs.

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