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Young girl before and after color restoration
Color Corrections

Photographs, slides, and negatives are developed with chemical dyes that are sensitive to light. Over time, the chemicals break down and cause the images to yellow, fade, and disintegrate.

Through digital editing, we are able to repair your photograph to its original coloring!

Older man in suit before and after photo restoration

Problems like rips and tears, wrinkles, color enhancement, tone correction, etc. can all be fixed through digital repair. We can even add color to a black and white photographs.


Almost every image can be brought back to life, preserving your memories for generations to come!


Pricing starts at $85.00 per hour of work. Small color corrections, minor blemishes and tears, resizing and tone correction will normally be complete within one hour. More complex work will be evaluated and client approved. Our goal is to have a finished product that is to our client's utmost satisfaction. Please call or bring-in your photos, we will quote you on the spot!


Frame repair needs to be conducted on a piece-by-piece basis. Please bring in the frame and we will evaluate the necessary repairs/restorations.


For Oil Painting or original artwork, the piece is sent out for restoration and pricing can be provided upon request.

Feel feel to give us a call or come visit us if you have any questions!


Restoration gallery

Man in uniform before and after
Sports team before and after
Children on porch before and after
Family photo before and after
Portrait of girl before and after
Wedding photo before and after
Babies before and after
Sailor before and after
Older man before and after
Gentleman in suit before and after
Family photo before and after
Girl on pier before and after
Young man in suit before and after
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